Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To Do List 2011- Feb 1 Progress

Merry February!

You may recall my 2011 to do list that I started in January. Thought it was worth updating to see how we are progressing.

TO DO LIST: 2011

Put away money to buy tickets in October for the 2012 Brisbane International - woops, forgot. Will start ASAP

Paint the house - painter comes Saturday!!!!!!

Have a BBQ or similar social event at least once a month here at the house - we have had two so far, so we're averaging two a month. I have a new philosophy now, if someone says 'we should catch up one day' I say 'yes, when, let's book a day and have a BBQ

Get my teeth re-bonded - no comment

Have the house pest treated - thank goodness. No more fleas.

Reply to text messages and phone calls right away instead of 5 days later when I remember no comment

Plant the back garden bed done!

Create a reasonable Christmas Lights display

Go for a walk once a week no comment

Go somewhere on the plane

Network more (work) - I joined LinkedIn. Want to add me?

Plan birthday parties for both the kids

De-clutter the playroom once and for all half done

Clean off the cornice over spray

Achieve 100 followers by the end of 2011 (thanks Lauren)

Finish typing up my PhD proposal - oh bugger! I need to do this by Thursday! this week
Sort out our computing needs half done, we have a new PC (that hurts my eyes)

So that's my list, how is yours going?

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