Saturday, February 5, 2011

Paul the Painter

We've been very lucky this weekend to have Paul the painter join us. He painted Big Boy's room years ago and thankfully his normal work has slowed down enough to allow him some time working for us.

He spent the day painting the window 'bits around the outside' (I have no idea what they are called.) They've come up a treat and we are very happy with the progress.

Tomorrow we are being visited by Alex the builder. If we have Paul and Alex working at the same time we might just get this house one step closer to completion.

Shot of lounge room window surround freshly painted. You can also see our new cornice in the picture.


ani's house said...

How nice to use a painter! It is looking great

brismod said...

Woo hoo! I'd love to have Paul the painter. DIY takes way too long. Loving the new cornice too. xx

Ange said...

It feels great when things actually start happening around the house doesn't it? We've had a big week of work at our place so we too are taking tiny steps in the direction of completion. Enjoy your Sunday!

Jenny said...

Progress - gotta love that! Nice cornice too. ;-)

simmone said...

Loved your "chair post" had to wipe away tears, definitely a keeper now you just need to "source"a potty.Your new paintwork looks fab love the wall colour as well.

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