Sunday, October 24, 2010

Window cornice/valance?

Does anyone in Australia know of a place I can buy ready-made window valances? The website this comes from calls them 'window cornices' but I'm sure that's not what we in Australia would call them.


Jenny said...

Oh, I am not sure where you can buy ready made ones but I would be calling them 'pelmets' here in Oz. They are relatively easy to make, says me having had some made up not long ago... Good luck with your search. ;-)

Just Martha said...

Yep, pelmets in Australia. The one in the picture is lovely.

southies said...

Do you mean pelmets?

I was looking at this online company based in WA :

They might be an option.

Anonymous said...

I think they're pretty easy to make up. You can get M to fix up the timber, and then just cover it with the fabric of your choice, adding a bit of padding if you like.

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