Monday, April 26, 2010

Of course I'm always right, right?

Most people are afraid of being stuck in a lift. I'm afraid of being stuck in the car for long periods with my mother in law. Here's why.

I recently purchased a gorgeous chandelier from a seller on Ebay. My intention is to put it up in the kitchen which I think will match perfectly with the French Provincial theme I have been working towards creating. You would think that was a fairly fun topic of conversation wouldn't you? Apparently not when my mother in law is involved.

Imagine the lip biting going on when listening to this:
'You know, I think the kitchen is the wrong place for a chandelier.'
'No-one puts a chandelier in their kitchen, chandeliers are for lounge rooms and bedrooms.'
'You really should ask someone else [presumably a chandelier expert] what they think.'
I haven't yet mentioned to her that I also intend to put a chandelier in the bathroom.

Just to prove that she is wrong and I am right here are two lovely kitchen chandeliers. (Pictures lovingly stolen from the forum at


brismod said...

You go girl! I think a chandelier would look great in a kitchen and a bathroom. I hope your M-I-L doesn't read your blog...

Kyandra said...

Oh my..some people just don't get it! Of course you can put a chandelier anywhere. I think you should show her the pics and tell her you and your bloggy friends are absolutely chandelier experts;) Some ear plugs might come in handy for the next car trip..... K

Lou said...

I hope so too Brismod :-)

Ha ha Kyandra, I should just do that. Part of me was busting to say 'well chandeliers are very hip right now in the design scene.'

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