Sunday, January 23, 2011

Would YOU keep it?

Aside from Christmas Eve, there are two other nights in the year that I love - Hard Rubbish Eve. For those that are not familiar with the magic that is Hard Rubbish Eve let me enlighten you. Twice a year our council lets us put out a load of old junk that they then pick up for free. I'm not sure exactly why they do this, perhaps (shock horror) it's a community service.

We are very lucky that our first hard rubbish day falls early in the year. It means I have an opportunity to throw out any old things that are laying around the house after Christmas, but better than that it also allows me to fossick through other people's rubbish.

I was very lucky last year to pick up a lovely little table/stand that we did up. This year I was eagerly anticipating another similar find and I wasn't disappointed after finding this beauty.

Sorry about the photo, it was dark

Now not being one to stop at just one great find, I eagerly volunteered to go out again. Of course the whole family came along and here's what happened next.

Me: 'Oh look at that great chair, we should look at that on the way back.'
Mark: 'I'll turn around quickly before someone else takes it.'
Mark, Big Boy and I eagerly jump out of the car.
Me: 'Oh it's in great condition.'
Big Boy (loudly): 'Quick Dad, put it in the car.'
Mark: 'What do you want it for, it's just made of plastic.'
Me: 'It looks great though, don't you think?'
Big Boy (even louder): 'DAD, PUT IT IN THE CAR.'
Me: 'I don't want the cushion though.'
Mark: (lifting seat) 'It's a SHIT chair.'
Me: 'What?'
Mark: 'It's a SHIT chair, you sit on it and ...'
Me: (not wanting to appear defeated or wrong in any way) 'It's great, put it in the car.'
Mark: 'Are you serious...'
Big Boy: 'Quick, someone is coming!'
Me: Retreating back to hide in the car, lest someone actually see me taking it
Mark: 'Morag (his nickname for me) your shit chair won't fit in the car!'
Me: Laughing hard now 'Just shove it in.'
Big Boy: 'I'll hold it Dad, let me hold it.'
Mark: 'Don't touch it!'
Big Boy: 'I'll help, let me help.'
Mark: 'Get in the car! Bloody hell Morag you and your stupid shit chair.'

So I'm now the proud owner of one lovely, plastic, multi-purpose chair. I'm also feeling very happy after laughing a lot reliving the whole incident. So what do you think, would YOU keep it?


queenbeegymboree said...

OMG, I am LMAO now!!

ani's house said...

Without question I would keep it!!! That is awesome!

Lauren said...

KEep it reserved for guests of dubious honour...

Kristine said...

well, one day YOU will be old and you will look back when you were a youn'n and be HAPPY you found that SHIT chair lmao

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