Friday, May 21, 2010

My bathroom (and what REALLY happens in a renovation)

I was browsing for a good photo to use here when I came across this one. This is our bathroom around the 2007 mark. Note the lovely old fashioned tile pattern on the floor. Unfortunately those tiles are long gone, a casualty of the great house raise project.

Sometime during the raise our poor bathroom broke its watertight seal. Consequently we had to pull up all those tiles and have the area re-sealed and tiled. Of course we couldn't match our existing tiles anywhere in Brisbane and because I was bathing Big Boy in a large plastic garbage bin (due to being unable to use the bathroom until the tiling was finished) we decided to go with plain cream tiles. The do look great, just not so rustic and intricate.

This bathroom is now our upstairs bathroom and it rarely gets used unless someone needs to wash their hands. The lovely claw-foot bath is filled with carpet off cuts and there are various miscellaneous items that need to be sorted currently residing in there.

So there it is, the REAL cost of renovating that no-one tells you about. All up this little diversion cost us $1000 with nothing pretty to show for it and a whole lot of stress added onto an already stressful project.

(And before anyone has a heart attack over the shower curtains - no they are not still there. I hated them with a passion and I certainly didn't buy them. You can imagine how impressed I was to return from work one day to discover my mother-in-law had purchased and installed them.)


brismod said...

How interesting - I didn't know that about raising houses. Your bathroom looks a lot like ours. Actually a better version than ours. And please tell me your MIL doesn't have a computer...she's gonna find out you've been talking about her. They always do!!

Lou said...

I don't think it is supposed to happen, but clearly it can and does! We also have a huge crack in our fireplace render. But all in all I think our place fared a lot better than many do- there are pics online of houses that have fallen to the side during a raise.

Well she does but she isn't in any way PC savvy so the only way she would know is if someone told her.

Kristine said...

ohhhh I love the bathroom! That is the kind of bath and tapware that I want to use in ours! Does the shower curtain stick to you when showering??

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