Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Day Three

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Day three was also a travelling day. It was also the worst day of travelling we had on the whole trip. It was hot, we hadn't yet established a good travelling routine, there was nothing much to see, Big Boy was carsick and we were all tired.

 Nothing to see for hundreds of kms

Finally we saw an oasis - this sign picked up everyone's spirits

It was marketed as the best ice-cream around, sadly Tiny Girl didn't agree

Eventually we arrived at the Bucasia Beachfront Caravan Park. It has a great website, which I will tactfully say is probably the best part of the place. However it was OK and we certainly survived our stay there. Mark and I were very happy to put our feet up that day.

The park next door was loved by our two. It wasn't loved by Mark when we realised he had left my camera on the floor next to the pool and he had to run all the way back for it. Little did we know at the time that my camera had just used up its second last life.

The caravan park is on the beachfront and wow was a lovely place that is. It was nearly 6pm here so the picture isn't the best but the beach was glorious and had lots of little sandbanks which created swimming holes  for Big Boy. Tiny Girl refused to swim or walk on the sand.

After our play at the beach we returned to the pool. It had a circular area which Big Boy could climb on and jump off.

I read a sign at the park which stated you must not feed the local possums as they become demanding. Little did I realise just how close they would come! Coming back from the showers we spotted these guys. When I bent down they came so close to me I could have touched them. Clearly they are often given food and are very tame.

These two are mum and baby. Mum was carrying baby on her back until I bent down.

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littlemissairgap said...

I've done a lot of road travel as a child - Brisbane to Proserpine & Brisbane to Innisfail, plus I lived in Gladstone, Mackay & Charters Towers as an adult. I think I've seen my fair share of boring Qld roads. There is a lot of nothing. I sympathise with you and your children. I have one child who gets motion sickness and another who played DS from Melbourne to Sydney & back without batting an eyelid.

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