Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Day Two

If you are a stickler for reading from the start, my day one entry is here.

Our first night sleeping in the van was an exciting new adventure. Big Boy slept really well in his top bunk and we decided to enjoy breakfast outside.

After breakfast I spotted our neighbour- an older man who had a very simple camping set up. I was watching him thinking that he would have the same routine each day and wondering about his life and how he ended up in Hervey Bay in a caravan park.

Then while I was doing the dishes I spotted him with a paint brush. He used it to clean his car meticulously while I sneakily snapped pictures of him. Big Boy of course loudly demanded to know 'why are you taking pictures of that man.' Nothing sneaky about having kids around.

While I was marveling at why you would clean your car with a paintbrush, I suddenly realised that this man has probably had this car since it was new. And his meticulous cleaning is what has kept it in such good condition. In a society where so much is thrown away it made me reflect on my own car history and how I have replaced one every few years. I wonder whether I could actually keep my current car and be proud of it still in 30 or 40 years? It's certainly food for thought...

Big Boy is sitting on top of play equipment so he's actually quite high up in the air

After breakfast we headed for the park to give the kids a play. Hervey Bay is excellent for kids and has wonderful play areas.

Because we had to arrive in Cairns by Nov 30 we had planned to only spend one night in Hervey Bay. Later that day we packed up and drove for a few hours, arriving in Yeppoon in the afternoon.

The next day the kids discovered that holidays in Summer mean tonnes of swimming and, even though it was cold, they suited up and hopped in. During the swim one of Big Boy's rash shirts tore from the armpit down - trust a boy to manage that.

There's our home on wheels

A van + a plan = Qld Summer fun

Because this was a traveling day there was very little to blog about but stay tuned for more exciting tales!

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