Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Day Four

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Day four saw us back on the road again, this time en route to Townsville. For some reason I expected the country to be flat, but it is actually incredibly hilly. It was also very green, which again surprised me. (The last time we travelled to Rockhampton was in the middle of a drought so my other northern Qld experiences have featured loads of brown scenery.)

Along the way we were overtaken by a B Double (very long truck) in an orchestrated move. We were stuck behind a horse float which in turn was stuck behind a B Double. Behind us was another B Double. In a move (which Mark had to explain to me) the truck behind us radioed the truck in front. The front truck braked suddenly, causing the horse float and us to slow right down. Then the truck behind us overtook everyone on the wrong side of the road and the two trucks then sped off together. Scary stuff indeed.

B Double overtakes us on the wrong side of the road - fun was had by all

We then arrived safely in Townsville and we quickly changed into our swimmers to escape the humidity. The pool had a great waterslide but was quite cold. I opted out early but the kids persevered a little longer.

The splash at the end of the slide is Big Boy in action

We found our first 'Christmas Beetle' of the season on the road. 

The park we were staying in has a blow up jumping cushion which both the kids loved. Big Boy decided he wanted to wrestle and chose this child as his partner. It's hard to tell, but said child was quite a bit heavier than our boy. Needless to say Big Boy ended up on the ground a lot but he persevered and apparently he won in the end by outlasting his wrestling partner. Sigh. Boys.

Tiny Girl loved jumping. She also loves looking cute.

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