Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Day Ten- Barron Falls

After we visited Birdworld we then followed the signs to Barron Falls. Because it had rained a lot the weeks before we visited, the falls had a reasonable amount of water in them which made for great viewing.

To get to Barron Falls we had to walk through a rainforest for about 15 mins. I have a massive phobia of snakes and so Mark kindly stood obstructing the view of this fake snake until I was on top of it. He moved, I screamed, many people laughed. Great times.

The walk was peppered with lookouts and sculptures. This is a preying mantis.

The view was worth the walk. Barron Falls is breathtaking. If you squint hard you may also make out the stupid people playing on the rocks!

The falls are a lot fuller now than they were when we visited. I've added a video that was taken yesterday (Dec 27, 2010) for comparison.

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