Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Day Ten- Kuranda

After working for three days I was very keen to start exploring more of Cairns. Day ten was a huge day and I just realised that on that day alone I took 127 photos. I've tried to select the best to share here but here's fair warning- massive photo share ahead!

Day ten saw us travel to Kuranda which is described as the 'village in the rainforest.' There are many ways to get to Kuranda, including the Scenic Railway and Skyrail. Both of these options are expensive and we decided that we would just drive up and take in the sights once we were up there. 

Despite being in the rainforest, Kuranda was damn hot! We started the day by eating lunch (we had a late start) and I was hoping the food would placate the heat-induced crankiness.

Hot, hungry and cranky

'As above'

After our lunch we headed across the road, bound for Birdworld. Tiny Girl just adores birds and Birdworld boasts the 'largest single collection of free-flying birds in Australia.' Basically Birdworld is a huge aviary filled with birds.

On the way to the aviary we spotted a crashed aircraft and we were enthralled with it until we read the sign and realised it was purchased and placed there :-( We thought there would be a fabulous story to tell but alas it's just a tourist magnet.

 the largest single collection of free flying birds in Australia (some 500 of them!)

Aircraft poking out of the rainforest

The inside

Once we were inside Birdworld we soon discovered that all the birds are in fact tame! It was simply amazing to touch such large and majestic birds and we were all enthralled.

A Maccaw - these guys are worth around $8000 each

As soon as we arrived this bird flew onto Mark's shoulder. We soon learned that his has no name but he is known as 'The Little Girl Bird' because of his love for small girls. As soon as he spotted Tiny Girl he flew to her and wouldn't leave her side until we left.

A bird on the shoulder is worth three in the bush

Little Girl Bird had a ride around the aviary on Tiny Girl's shoulder

She walked very carefully so he wouldn't fall off

We fed this bird peanuts and sunflower seeds. He/she was huge and hopped onto me to eat from my hand. Being the fearless person I am I was of course terrified.  I kept imagining it would fly in my face and attack me.

That look in my eyes? That's fear people!

Poor Big Boy didn't have a lot of luck getting any of the bigger birds to come to him so the lady at Birdworld grabbed this one for him. He said it was heavy and the claws hurt his shoulder.

When it was time to leave the guide had to capture Tiny Girl's bird to get him away from her. They shared a final kiss goodbye and we were sad to leave. If you are ever in the area make sure you check out Birdworld, it's well worth the money.

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