Thursday, December 30, 2010

Summer in Qld

Normally I hate Summer, especially the humidity. This year has been very different and we are in the midst of the coldest Summer I can ever remember. Much of our state is in the grips of major flood and all it's done for weeks is rain.

Today the sun finally came out! Suddenly we all felt happier and I decided to get stuck into a few household jobs to spruce up the place for the new year. I have done many, many loads of washing and they have dried nicely today in the sun and wind. By some miracle it was warm but not humid so I scrubbed the kitchen cupboard fronts and mopped the floors.

What are your plans for getting your house into shape for the new year?

 Summer in Qld, you can't feel the lovely breeze or hear the birds but I wanted to take a picture to remind me anyway.

 Shining and clean

One of the best things about Summer - stone fruit. Note the 'mouse' nibbles.

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Bayside Rose said...

The sun did inspire me today as well! All the Chrissy decorations are packed away, the house is clean, leaves have been removed from the pool...phew!!

Now where is that G and T?

Happy New Year.
Pam x

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