Monday, November 8, 2010

The beauty of Facebook

Many people deride Facebook but I'm happy to proudly profess my addiction. I've found nothing but support and fun on FB, even the time my brother decided to have an argument on my wall.

My latest FB positive has been picking up a swimming pool blanket for, wait for it, $20! While it doesn't fit the entire pool it is darn close and for $20 who's arguing. Thank you FB for reuniting me with my old uni friend and providing the latest addition to our home.

Here are two more pool shots. Hey Brismod- any idea of the vintage of those pool chairs?


brismod said...

They are very cool poolside chairs, Lou. Fibre glass? I'm not sure what vintage they are. My guess would be early 80s, late 70s. Do they have a label? Are they Sebel? Anyway, if I had a pool I'd be happy with those chairs. xx

Lou said...

I just checked and they are fibre glass. I don't think there is a label but they are very cool.

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