Thursday, November 11, 2010

New house

We're very excited - we have a new house.

No we didn't buy, or sell this place. We've rented a 'house on wheels' for three weeks over the Christmas break.

Here's a picture of our new digs- it has all my travelling essentials including a toilet, shower and three double beds. We're heading up the Qld coast and we can't wait.

Any tips on organising for this kind of travel are very welcome.


Jenny said...

Sounds like great fun. I will be interested to see what you think as we are thinking of doing the same for an outback trek. Have fun! ;-)

Bethan said...

I have had a few camper van holidays now in NZ and Aus and I think they are the absolute best. I love the freedom to just take off and head in a direction and see where you get to. My tip would be to have a general plan/route in mind, but not to be too rigid. As far as packing goes, well, anything comfy really. I managed a 10 day Brisbane to Sydney trip with a small holdall. Hope you have lots of fun.x

Little Mumma said...

Sooo jealous!! You guys will have a fabulous time! we are thinking of doing this middle of next year and heading up the west coast towards Shark Bay and Monkey Mia the home of the dolphins!! I hope we can organise it as I would love to show my little daughter how friendly the wild dolphins are :)
Will look forward to seeing your blog updates of your trip xx

Bayside Rose said...

Sounds like a great idea. More comfortable than a tent, that's for sure. Hope you keep us updated as to what you think of it.

Pam x

Lauren said...

I've been looking at every campervan wondering if we would cross paths with you!

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