Sunday, November 7, 2010

Productive weekend

We've been very busy this weekend building a garden bed. This involved digging up massive sandstone rocks from a series of old pathways around the house. It also involved shoveling way too much soil, packing holes with mortar, planting, weeding and mulching. I also mowed the lawn to add to the finished look.

I love the result, it's finally starting to look like this renovation will end soon. I'm not so in love with the sore back I've ended up with. But it's all for a good cause right?


Jenny said...

Oh well worth it by the looks. Your garden beds look great and is that star jasmine you have planted? That will smell gorgeous on a summers evening. You should go treat yourself to a back massage, you have worked hard. ;-)

brismod said...

It looks great. That star jasmine will look terrific when it matures. x

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