Monday, October 11, 2010

Wet weekend

It's been a very wet period here in Brisbane and I've noticed a lot of other bloggers have used the time to get organised. It's so rare to have this kind of weather here that most of us would normally rather make the most of the day rather than declutter or organise our homes.

I absolutely love the rain and I'm enjoying wearing comfy jumpers and staying inside. I'm not enjoying the mountains of washing that are waiting for me though.

So what have we been up to here? Well I've been organising, decluttering and rearranging. My two main projects have been my lounge area and new 'library' space. I'll share the lounge pictures today and the library tomorrow.

This cupboard was given to us by a friend who had been asked to store it for a family member. Said family member never came back and the rest is history. Total cost to us $0. It's been hiding in my laundry waiting for        space to be ready in the lounge. The nicknacks I've collected over the years and I'm so grateful to now have a designated area to display them.

Note that the cupboard colour is exactly the same as the window? Once the window frame is painted white I think it will pull together nicely.


Just Martha said...

Gorgeous cupboard!! Imagine hiding that beauty in the laundry waiting for the big reveal!!! Love the nicknacks. Good job...

ani's house said...

I love the cupboard...let's hope the friend's family member doesn't follow your blog - it looks so good they may like it back!!

Bri said...

Beautiful! And with all those gorgeous little collectables inside it looks totally perfect.

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