Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moving forward

This will be a bit of a miscellaneous post. I'm currently sitting in a room waiting for my students to arrive to train them in the art of Change Management. Hang on I said students didn't I? Silly me, that should read 'student,' singular. Yep, just the one today and just for the record I have requested that the universe conspire to ensure she decides today isn't the right day to attend a course. (Of course I'm hoping she's won lotto or been whisked away on a trip, nothing bad!)

Moving forward...

So I'm sitting here making mental plans for life back at the house. In my mind I keep saying the phrase 'moving forward' and I've noticed it slips out often during training. Unfortunately Julia (Gillard) stole it for use in the election campaign so every time I say it I hear her divine voice in the back of my mind. My second favourite phrase is 'blame the process not the people' so if you hear Julia throw that one around you'll know you heard it here first.

Moving forward...

My ever resourceful husband has picked himself up a tractor and has worked on it this week to get it going. Now that's it's going we can embark on the next phase of the yard makeover. I've told him this weekend will end with a retaining wall, vegie garden and a back yard with no old sleepers or piles of rocks. If we can achieve this I'll be a happy camper. In fact I'm so excited I cleaned the pool this week. (It's a rarity, I hate that job.)

Will keep blog land posted about our efforts over the weekend. Til then I'd best figure out if I have a student!

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me said...

Hello. Just discovered your blog via A-M, and really appreciate the beautiful job you've done on your house. Here in the Vancouver area, we don't have any houses that go back that far (Vancouver only dates from 1886). We're just beginning our building process, trying for a country farmhouse look. I noticed your porch posts with the angled braces--that is just the look I have imagined for our porch as well. Please visit!

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