Thursday, September 30, 2010

TV inspiration

I'm loving The Block this year, especially because one of the couples seems to have a similar style to mine. What do you think of the week one winning room?


Bri said...

I loved that room! They are my favourite couple.

I just love this style, it's so elegant with the wallpaper and chandelier *swoon*

brismod said...

I caught the last 20 minutes of the show and already I'm hooked. The room above was very, very pretty.

baysiderose said...

Yes this is my favourite room - it is just lovely and looks very serene.

french doors and verandahs said...

I have been waiting for the return of The Block for ages! Yes that was my faourite room too. I think the blokes did a good job but need a bit more focus of 'finishing' the room! I recorded the the show on my T box and it cut out early so I never found out who won! You saved me the trouble of looking it up on the website! Thanks!
x Briohny

stormygirl said...

I have been waiting for the return of 'The Block' for ever as well! I loved the last 2 seasons, and am hooked on this one as well! I absolutely loved Erin and Jake's winning room. It's so gorgeous, and I'm so glad they won. Fabulous bargains with the bedsides, mirror and chair. Duncan and Mark's room was great but did lack some touches. The idea behind the wallpaper doors was interesting, but I can see them getting completey damaged in the rest of the reno!

Anonymous said...

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