Saturday, September 25, 2010

Laying turf

If you read my previous post you will remember that last weekend we set about cleaning up one of our side yards. The results were amazing, even the bare soil was a vast improvement on the jungle that existed there before.

This weekend we set about planting a mulberry tree and turfing the area. It's come up a treat don't you think?


 The first thing I wanted to do was put my 'money tree' back into position. We purchased this on a whim from someone we had intended to purchase something else off about 5 years ago. I've neglected it ever since but I was told to place it in a certain spot in the garden and it would bring in money to our home. I have never once watered it and it's thrived in this spot so I insisted it be moved back first thing today.

 And here's the after shot!

View looking down the hill to the pool.

And the after shot. (Note very happy small boy.)

View to the top of the area.

And after.

We ran out of turf so the area isn't 100% finished but it's near enough and I love it. What a huge difference it has made.


brismod said...

Oh wow. Such a huge difference! You must be overjoyed!!

Lou said...

I am, it's amazing how a bit of grass can put such a smile on my face.

Elements said...

What a huge effort and oh how you would love not having so much sand around.

Karena said...

It looks great and you will really enjoy your outdoor spaces now!! Fun to add a little at a time!

I have a Giveaway from the French Basketeer I think you will love!

Art by Karena

baysiderose said...

Wow! What a huge difference. Looks fantastic. Cheers, Pam

ani's house said...

you've gotta love grass - perfect weather in Brissie for turf at the moment!

Henry said...

i am wondering and looks different

you have maintain your garden more information aboutTurfing

Mimi said...

Turfing your garden is an instant makeover. I love it!

Jonathan x said...

very impressive post.. don't stop posting......... Laying Turf

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