Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday find

Aside from Christmas and my birthday my favourite day of the year has to be council clean up day. Throughout the year our council allows residents two days when we can leave our larger rubbish on the side of the road for them to pick up, free of charge. This always prompts people to throw out things that they think are past their used by date. Thankfully not everyone thinks alike.

While we were heading off to the hardware store today I noticed this little side table poking out from behind a pile of other items. I pleaded with The Gas Man to screech to a halt so we could inspect the pile of rubbish treasures and work out whether the table was as good as I thought it was.

Of course I am far too posh to be picking through other people's garbage, so as usual The Gas Man did my dirty work for me and came away with this little beauty. It's already been painted so tomorrow I'll show off some after pics. Ahh garbage day, you never fail to deliver!

How could you let your kiddies ruin this lovely piece?

The ugly duckling just waiting to be turned into a swan.


southies said...

Oh, what a lucky find! Just love it!!
I gotta admit, over the years I've seen a few treausures on the side of the road but I've been too embarrassed to stop & pick them
Oh well!
Good on ya!!!

Jenny said...

Oh great find! Can't wait to see it painted up and zhushed!

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