Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More paint questions- feedback please!

We've painted a few of the panels in the kitchen with three paint options. We have some opinions based on how they have turned out but I'd love to hear your opinion too. What do you think?

Green on the left, Antique White USA on the right.

White on the left, normal unpainted panels on the right.


ani's house said...

I love the green. We have antique white usa upstairs and it's great too but I LOV the green!

kerrie said...

I love the gree too... when the kids are snot free will come and look properly

Jenny said...

I think I like the antique white USA, but since most of my house is painted in it I am slightly biased! :-)

Jennywren said...

Antique White USA. There are so many beautiful accessories in green to bring colour into the kitchen but Antique White USA always looks fresh and calming! I have used it in a sunroom and it is just perfect. I will change my kitchen (from Chalk USA) to Antique White USA once I find the time.

Anonymous said...

I love the green. We had the spare room of our old home, a similar green and it was my favourite room on the house.

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