Friday, July 16, 2010

Gardening for dummies

Tiny Girl and I have been making the most of the wonderful weather the last few days. Typically, now that the holidays are over everyone is finally well. So to make up for being shut inside for weeks I've been pottering around the yard and enjoying the sun.

I love the garden and I have tonnes of creative ideas in my head for what I would like it to look like. Unfortunately that doesn't transfer into practice as I am rarely able to create what I imagine. I'm also often frustrated by my lack of strength. If only I had the strength to be able to dig out some plants, move things around and lay turf, my garden would be a lot nicer than it is.

So this week I've done what I could to live a little of my vision.

I started with digging out two of my neglected roses and re-potting them.

I swept the concrete and cleaned up the door as best I could.

And I carried these two garden chairs down from the front yard so that we all have a nice little corner to sit in and have a cuppa.

I'm happy with the little I was able to do but some days the pile of tasks still seems way too high.

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