Monday, July 5, 2010

My award

Wow I got an award! Thanks so much 'Elements' from It's so exciting to actually receive an award, you made my day.

Although I've tried very hard to make this blog about everything but me it's still hard to think of 7 things to add here. I'm thinking these things should be very interesting, classy and noble but you might have to stick with reality instead.  And before I give you my 7 I thought you'd like another Teaching Tale which this award has reminded me of.

I recently worked with a corporate group of people who had all known each other for some time. It's always hard with groups like this to challenge their existing points of view and get them out of their comfort zone so I always try to get them to reveal a little something about themselves that their colleagues may not already know. Well I've heard many wonderful answers and people often reveal that they are closet horticulturists or that they have travelled to exotic places. However on this occasion one charming man decided to blurt out the first thing that came into his head. Much to his (and our) embarrassment he revealed that he was in fact circumcised. Just when you think you've heard it all ...

So onto my 7 shall we.

1. The numbers 7 and 5 have occurred in my life way too frequently for my liking. In fact my mobile phone number, tax file number, home phone number and old AGS (government service) number all feature many repeated 7s and 5s.

2. I live in Queensland yet hate the heat. The only time in Summer I will go to the beach is late afternoon and the worst day out I can imagine would involve sitting on the beach or swimming during the heat of the day.

3. I love the smell of coffee yet can't drink it, it makes me sick. Sometimes I slip up and have a cup only to be bitterly disappointed soon after.

4. I don't like talking on the phone and could easily live without ever making a call. If my friends and family don't call me then we don't speak. Luckily we now have Facebook and texting.

5. I only found out last year that my grandfather died from Huntington's Disease and that potentially I could also have it and have passed it on to my kids. I still can't get over that my mother purposely hid this from me and my siblings until I found out.

6. I have three degrees (Bachelors, Post Grad and Masters.) I don't work directly in any of the fields in which I'm qualified though.

7. I have a not-so-secret desire to finish this house and produce a home that people love and admire. I'm constantly moving furniture around because I'm never sure I've explored all the possibilities with our existing furniture.

So there they are, my lucky 7. I'm going to tag my fellow Brisbane house bloggers:
Fun and VJs
Restoring the Old Girl

And my friend Lauren from


Madam Restora said...

Hi Lou, thanks for your award for restoringtheoldgirl. I don't like the beach either, it's hereditary. My father hates the beach, and a few weeks ago my nephew admitted he didn't like it either. Don't tell too many people, you'll get the same reaction as if you said you didn't like dogs. x

A-M said...

Oh thank you for this lovely award. I will do mine tomorrow. I too have had relatives witholding medical info - like my Mother and her cancer.... still don't know the full story. Yeah, thanks Mum.... hope it's not too late! Oh and I hate living in Qld. Hate the heat. It's still hot now in winter... everyone was in singlets and thongs at the supermarket today.... not me, I was still in Canberra attire, complete with scarf. After a few weeks holidaying in Canberra and the snow, we are scheming as to how we can move there.... even checked out the schools. Love the cold. A-M xx

Jenny said...

Oh I am so the opposite... I just loath the cold, can't stand it... Bring back summer I say!

brismod said...

Hey Lou! Thanks so much for the award!! Wow I can't believe you have so many degrees. You sound like my entire family. I have a brother who is a flight attendant but is a qualified and registered architect with an MBA!! Too funny. Anyway, so cool knowing more about you. xx Anita

Elements said...

Hi Lou, happy to have made your day and its nice to see some little things about you not already known....

Kerri said...

Just found your lovely blog, and as a fan of gorgeous old Queenslanders, I know I'll enjoy your posts! Not sure how I've managed to miss out for so long, but I'm now following so I won't be missing out any more! K xx

A-M said...

Looks like your bloggy comments disappeared along with mine! Thanks for the award. I had fun composing my little list! A-M xx

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