Friday, July 2, 2010

Great blogs of the www?

Just like last year I have two sick kids for the June - July school holidays. Last year Big Boy got well in the final week before going back, this year looks set to be the same.

As a result I haven't blogged. What's worse is that except for two doctors visits and two quick trips to the supermarket I haven't left the house for five days. Last night I even committed the cardinal sin of wearing ugg boots under my jeans to duck out to the shops because I couldn't be bothered to get dressed properly. I feel like a prisoner here at the moment, though at least the surroundings are nice.

If that's not enough The Gas Man had a car accident last weekend. The other driver was in a cement truck (the Gas Man doesn't do things by halves.) So we have an insurance claim in process and a written off car. Joyous.

So onto the subject of my post. While I'm sitting here bored silly I'd love some new blog fodder. So if you have a blog you want me to follow or you think I'd like one that you also love please let me know. I love house blogs, design blogs and easy to read blogs. My one stipulation is that the background is not black because it plays havoc with my eyes. Got something in mind? Let me know!


Elements said...

Thanks for the little chuckle at your ugg boot about
and of course you would want to follow me;)
Have a nice day.

Lauren said...

Apart from reading my own blog at, I always enjoy and

And, seriously, ugg boots out of the house? Soooooo Pamela Anderson!

Elements said...

Another way to brighten your day I have just sent you an award. pop over to my blog to check it out.

ani's house said...

please pass some blog love onto me...

Lauren said...

L, here's another hilarious site:

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