Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beautiful Brisbane

Although I love being at home I also love the occasional adventure out of the 'burbs. A few times a year I deliver training at an inner city venue and often the room I am allocated has a great view. Monday and Tuesday were no exception.

The picture (again taken on my phone) is the view from the heights of Edward St in Brisbane. It was peak hour at the time I took the photo yet there is very little traffic on the road. You can also see the view down to the Brisbane River if you look hard enough.

I love the way the city looks in this picture, I'm not sure if it's the early morning Winter sun that appeals to me or the sense of peace and quiet that comes from looking at the city but hearing no noise.  Either way I thought it was worth sharing. Alas I'm back to suburban reality for the rest of the school holidays.

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