Monday, June 28, 2010

Bathroom 2

My camera is broken so I've resorted to using my old mobile to take pictures. You can probably tell from the photo of my bathroom that my phone has no flash. Or maybe it does and I just don't know how to use it. 

You might remember that I showed you a picture of our upstairs bathroom. If you've forgotten the link is here.  One of our renovation casualties has been consistency between up and downstairs. However these things happen and I wouldn't trade my luxurious bath for another claw foot if you paid me.

It may look lovely and complete however the room is actually far from it. The tiles we used were from a cheap 'job lot' and hindsight has shown us the error of our ways. Never, ever, ever use floor tiles that have to be grouted in white, especially in the bathroom. They look great in the close up because I found the only area in the room where they look decent.

We tiled up to the half way line in the bathroom and promptly ran out of time, money and motivation. Thus, our walls are half-tiled, half gyprock. It needs something that I don't understand done to it before we can paint or wallpaper it. The mirror isn't even ours, it belongs to my sister and I found it at my parents' house when they were packing to move.

One day it will be glorious. For now it's just functional.


Jenny said...

Hi, I have just found your blog (via Anita at Fun & VJ's)which is so similar to mine. I am loving catching up on what wonderful work you have done to date! We are all in a very similar boat and it is nice to share ideas and get advice which blogland is very helpful in.

Bathroom Showrooms Manchester said...

love the lighting in the photos, i know i should be looking mroe at the bathroom but the fuzzy light helps to really make the bathroom seem more magical. great work :)

Lou said...

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

Jenny- how funny, I also found you last weekend and added you.

Elements said...

A fuzzy photo always helps...I couldn't see anything that needed doing with your bathroom with that pic...then I read it again and I see you have got a little way to go. I do like your mosaics around your bath though.
I saw a bathroom like your the other day and they used the feature tile from the bath area up the wall of the mirror and basin looked great to tie it all in.
Look forward to your next installment.

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