Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Transformer a transformation and a tale of two fish

Ahh the weekend, how has your been so far? Our has been a little on the eventful side and I though I'd share pieces of it with you.

There were two parties on this weekend that we didn't get invited to. Then to compound my rejection (I'm not bitter, really ...) The Gas Man announced he also had plans to go fishing in beautiful Moreton Bay. That left me and my Homeless Houseguest with the kids so I decided we should at least take them somewhere to break up the day.

I'm a shameless real estate whore and I always have the latest edition of the local real estate paper laying around. A house being advertised had caught my eye so I decided to go and have a look at what money really buys in real estate these days. After being very disappointed by the first house, I quickly decided that we should have a look at a second open home around the corner. This one was lovely, another character house which has been tastefully transformed. It was so homely and welcoming and had a great feeling to it. It also had astro-turf, which was a surprise, and I was impressed with how easy it would be to maintain. I left sated after a successful hit of real estate. Here's the front door, courtesy of

After chasing the kids through the two homes we headed off to a second-hand furniture warehouse which just happened to have a very unusual item for sale. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Yep, that is indeed a full sized replica of Optimus Prime. My son was suitably impressed, my daughter not so much.

After allowing my children to partake in the evils of McDonald's we were greeted by The Gas Man and a very large fish. Despite having Queensland's worst sea-legs The Gas Man had managed to win the fisherman of the day titled by hauling in a huge flathead. While he was gutting it I poked around in the insides and tried to identify the inner workings of a flathead. After identifying the 'lungs' (which obviously a fish does not in fact possess) I poked around at a huge, fat object that looked something like a squid. After poking it for a while it suddenly burst and out popped this:
Yep, it seems our flathead had eaten this fish very recently and I had obviously been playing with the stomach. Although The Homeless Houseguest and The Big Boy were both revulsed by my attempts at surgery, we did cook and eat the flathead and it was wonderful. Unfortunately the photo does not do it justice.

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