Friday, March 12, 2010

Goodbye tree

Now you see it......
I went to work a few weeks ago and returned home to one less tree in the front yard. Although I'm a huge tree-lover I wasn't sad to see this one go. It was so very close to the house and every time we had a storm I had visions of ending up on the news with a huge tree through my roof.

The tree was cut down by 'tree guy,' possibly South-East Queensland's most persistent arborist. He showed up at our house one day to tell us that he was 'in the area' and would we like the tree cut down (he had seen it from the street and obviously thought he was onto a good thing with it being so large and so close to the house.) I asked him for a quote and he left after leaving his business card, which I promptly threw away as his price was too high. Not to be deterred, Tree Guy returned often after that day. He was always 'in the area' and his price reduced each time he showed up. He also called me 'bro' a lot.

He showed up again a few weeks ago and, I kid you not, he just about walked into our house when I opened the door. Thankfully The Gas Man was home so I summoned him to meet (and get rid of) Tree Guy. Somehow though Tree Guy ended up being booked in to lop the tree, though he was prepared to wait to get paid as we didn't have the money in the budget the week he lopped it. I have no idea how he does it but The Gas Man is gifted at negotiation. The amount of times people have shown up, done work for us and left without payment is amazing. Either that or they come, expect money and end up leaving with a gym, a tool or a car. It's a gift I tell you!

Anyway Tree Guy came, did the job and left. Eventually we paid him 'yeah bro, thanks bro.' Hopefully that's the end of his visits.

Now you don't...


Lauren said...

Was he a big Islander? If so, he comes a'knocking about once a year here!

brismod said...

He was determinded to be the one to chop down that tree. I bet you're pleased it's gone, though.

Burlap Luxe said...

Good thing you cut the tree down, better safe then sorry. Mom Mom had a large tree here in California that went negelected and low and behold they heard a large boom and looked out the front room window to see that because of cutting a main branch off that would have went through the front room window it shifted the weight and it fell off to the side and flattened down the Van (Auto) Totaled :(

So as I say better safe then sorry :)
Great site Bolg


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