Thursday, March 18, 2010

The long and the short of it

As I've grown a bit older I've noticed that I have developed a real problem with size perception. I was never excellent at maths, but I certainly wasn't stupid either. However, I think that it must be a case of 'use it or lose it' when it comes to mathematical principles.

My main problem relates to estimating sizes. If you tell me an item is 3 metres long I'm probably going to 'see' an item either half or twice its size in my mind. That's why the mirror in the picture is not in our bedroom. Despite analysing the sizes listed in the ad for the mirror my mind decided that it would be perfect to fill up the space above the fireplace in our bedroom. On picking it up however I quickly realised that I was very wrong. It's almost laughable exactly how far wrong I was. But never mind, it looks good there don't you think?

The picture also displays my newly done up desk (remember it?) Instead of my plans for a quicky paint job The Gas Man had other ideas. He spent the best part of last weekend sand-blasting the legs and handles and spray painting the rest. It looks fantastic, albeit WAY too small for my idea that it would become our new desk. It has found a home as a laptop table for the time being and I love it nonetheless. 

(Please excuse non-painted walls and windows, it's a work in progress.)

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Kristine said...

I like your window trims... Same as mine, though I think mine are stained... I love the timber :-) And wow the table turned out great! I need to find a sandblaster here for my Singer Base....

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