Saturday, March 6, 2010

Kitchen preview

Before we renovated we had a tiny kitchen. So tiny that the fridge didn't even fit inside the kitchen space. At various times the fridge ended up the computer room, the dining area or the lounge area. To make matters worse, the benches were set lower than average bench height. This meant that we were forever bending over to prepare food. We also had a tiny corner sink and very limited food storage space.

After living with that kitchen for years I was determined that my new kitchen would be a much improved version. Actually it was through looking at kitchen magazines that my love of all things 'modern country' really started to take off.

So the kitchen in  the picture is what we have ended up with. As yet we have no tiles on the walls, no splashback, unfinished capping and exposed steel beams in the roof (top left of the picture). The beams are holding up the fireplace that is upstairs, they need to be enclosed in a plaster box so they can't be seen. I adore my kitchen and I can't wait for the finished product. But for now it looks lovely and functions and that's all I can ask for really. Well that and a space for the fridge.*

* As Murphy's Law would have it our old fridge doesn't fit into the fridge space in the new kitchen. It juts out slightly but I can live with that. It's in the same room and it could be much worse.


A-M said...

Oh it's absolutely gorgeous. Yes I am a sucker for modern country. I kid myself that my kitchen is more country than anything by leaving 'country' cookbooks around and putting little pots of herbs on the sill. A-M xx

Kristine said...

oh wow! I am just so envious! It's stunning, I love the "work" around your stove and range hood it's so quirky! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! And your stove. Hmmmmm I can smell the biscuits and bread....

Mel said...

Wow, that is gorgeous!
I just discovered your blog through EB and am looking forward to reading it all the time now :)

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