Thursday, July 14, 2011

A wedding

A few weeks ago we trotted off to my sister's wedding. It was a small wedding and with not much in the way of a budget, I volunteered to make the cake.

This was made a little problemative because:
- I am not a cake maker
- I'm not even a pretend cake maker
- I have no cake making tools
- I had two kids to look after
- I dropped the bride and groom figurine and broke the groom's head off! (Cue rushed trip to the supermarket to buy superglue.)

Despite one minor meltdown, much under-my-breath swearing and one long break, I ended up with a not-so-bad result. (I also ended up with the filthiest kitchen in Australia. It was so bad I preserved the wreckage until Mark came home to prove just how 'interesting' my day had been.

 A three year old view of the action

 Channeling Tom Cruise


Beth said...

Looks pretty impressive to me for a non cake maker, Well done you for a lovely personal contribution to the wedding, i bet your sister was thrilled.

brismod said...

It looks brilliant! OMG the pressure though, especially since you don't bake! xx

simmone said...

Your cake looks beautiful.Been there myself,for a girlfriends wedding I made a two-tiered cake complete with red and white candy roses which I had never made before, why do we do this to ourselves?

James Curtis said...

Mmmm, mouth watering cake... that a great gift for the birthday celebrant.
Glass Doors

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