Thursday, March 3, 2011


I'm at home today doing paperwork. Of course when I was taking a break and painting my nails Mark chose that time to waltz in and proclaim 'so that's what you do all day.'

Now that I'm back to work I am also passing the time realestalking. Thought it would be interesting to show you a picture that immediately looses my (potential) sale. It is something that not only puts me off but is an absolute deal breaker. In fact, seeing 'it' gives me shivers, I can explain it but it's one of my quirks as a human. Can you guess what 'it' is?

P.S. Katrina- you are a rock star!!!!!
P.P.S Who votes that realestalking should be listed as a new word in the next Macquarie?


brismod said...

Is it the wall not taken to ceiling height? The microwave with its own nook? The racing stripe border? Hmmm...what could it be?

Lorna said...

Nope, nope and nope. And whilst I think it isn't the nicest kitchen I could probably live with all of that if it wasn't for 'it.'

ani's house said...

I would have said microwave too.

Jen Jen Qld said...

Could it be no windows?

Lorna said...

Bingo Jen. I cannot handle a kitchen that doesn't have a window. In fact I'm so anal that the sink MUST be below a window or I just couldn't buy the house. Weird hey.

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