Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's funny 'cause it's true

I like to use this blog to record the funny things that happen in our family. I love the thought of my kids and grandkids reading it in the future and really understanding what I was like. I've decided to cut and paste my latest FB update here, so apologies to those who read both.

Decide to go to work with Mark today. Wear a skirt. Have to sit in dirty, smelly truck and drive to woop woop. Change seats for the trip home. Start to feel pinpricks on my arms. Remove small 'wood shavings.' Feel more pricks. Realise the backs of my legs, thighs and bum are covered with 'wood shavings.' Mark suddenly announces they are not wood shavings they are prickly pear spikes.
Pull up at paddock to get my car. Can't sit down. Spikes are all over my skirt. Take skirt off. Have to lean over my car seat while Mark picks the spikes out. Spikes hard to see. Must have sunlight on spikes so they can be found. Place bum in sun.

Drive home, no skirt. Get home and realise gates are shut. Pull off slinky ninja move so that the neighbours don't see me in my granny undies. Fail.


Ange said...

Oh so funny! If only to be a fly on the wall! Ange

Jenny said...

That would have been painful and rather embarrassing! ;-)

Lorna said...

It was both for sure Jenny!

queenbeegymboree said...

LMAO Lorna! Sorry that happened to you, but glad you shared with us :)

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