Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Ghostly Tale- Part 1

I've somehow managed to lose the computer cord for my new camera so there is going to be a temporary lull in holiday posts. I do however have another ghostly tale for you which I hope you enjoy. For new players you can find other ghost stories here.

Picture is for dramatic effect and has nothing whatsoever to do with this story. Thanks to Google for 'lending' it to me.

So all our previous ghostly experiences have been confined to upstairs, which makes sense as it is the older part of the house. The downstairs is c2009, so you wouldn't expect anything to happen down there unless the ghost of a dead cockroach or hermit crab decided to come back to life.

A few days prior to New Years Eve I was in the kitchen which is downstairs. Mark's mobile was in the kitchen and the house phone was on the lounge. Mark's phone rang and I ignored it (it's normally someone I have no interest in talking to, I'm evil like that). However he started yelling from somewhere in the house 'answer my phone.' So I went to answer it and saw that the call was coming from our house phone?! It then went to message bank which left me scratching my head trying to figure out how that could have happened. Mark appeared asking who was it and then the message bank beeped. We freaked out a little and then listened to the message. All that was on the other end was static, sometimes loud and sometimes soft. There also seemed to be a pattern to the static, like a talking pattern if that makes any sense. It sounded a little like someone was driving and had a window open. Except that was impossible..........

We were pretty creeped out by that and I think Mark still has the message saved in his phone. There hasn't been an explanation, unless you count all three of us pointing the finger at each other and then realising it couldn't possibly have been ANY of us.

We have found that when the house is 'active' it will produce interesting ghostly stuff for a short period of time before returning to normal. So we weren't really expecting anything else to happen, but when it did we didn't find it unusual either.

I'll be back tomorrow with what happened next!


brismod said...

Cool. Love your ghostly tales. Next the ghost might take over your blog...!! xx

Just Martha said...

Love your holiday post by the way. Thanks for leaving a comment. am hoping that adult education will help assist with the juggle between kids and work.... Looking forward to being a student again!!!! Yay!!

Lorna said...

Now there's an interesting new angle Brismod....

Good luck Martha, you'll scream it in I'm sure. If you need any help let me know.

Noosa Beach House said...

oh that would totally freak me out!! Gah!! Cheers x

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