Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ghost Story- Part Two

So for those of you waiting on tenterhooks for the sequel (well one of you anyway) here it is.

A couple of days after the phone call (see part 1) it was New Year's Eve. In typical fashion we did nothing much to celebrate though Mark had two drinks and proclaimed himself drunk about 10pm. Hard drinker that one.

The kids had both already fallen asleep in the lounge room so Mark decided to pull the spare mattress out and sleep on the floor. I had to wake him up for midnight and then we both tried to settle down to go to sleep. We turned out the lights and lay down. It was quiet. And then I could hear something. I waited and it didn't go away so I prodded Mark and said 'what's that noise.' He replied 'karaoke' (I told you he had two drinks).

After convincing him it wasn't karaoke?! I made Mark go outside- nope, wasn't coming from there. Then we realised the sound was coming from the playroom.

In the playroom is Tiny Girl's Dora kitchen that my MIL found on the side of the road. It has batteries and when you press a button it speaks to you in English and Spanish, it also sings and plays music. And there it was, midnight, New Year's Eve, playing away. The strangest part is that it won't play unless you touch it. And then it only plays for 10 seconds and you have to press it again.

I don't know if it was the mix of it being New Year's Eve and midnight plus this silly toy speaking in Spanish on its own, but it FREAKED US OUT.

It also hasn't done it since.......

Perhaps someone here wanted to say Happy New Year to us all? So from our ghost to you- Happy New Year bloggers.


brismod said...

Ohhhhhh! Spooky....! I wonder who it is that's trying to spook you??

Beth said...

That IS spooky! Too spooky!!

Jenny said...

Very spooky but I would take it as someone saying Happy New Year! Makes you feel better that way. ;-)

The Moerks said...

Oh spooky, it was either a mouse eeek, a giant cockroach ewwww or you have yourselves your very own ghost, ahhhh. Very funny post.

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