Friday, January 7, 2011

It's raining... again

In case you've missed it, it's been raining in Brisbane for virtually the past 4 months. The first real sign we got that something was amiss with our weather was when Big Boy wore a jumper during his last week of school.

Yesterday we received yet another day of rain. Here's a news report about the downpour. I've looked at the 28 day rain forecast and there isn't a lot of joy there at all. As well as the rain causing problem locally it has been causing much greater problems further north. Much of Qld is in flood and the flooded areas are still receiving rain which is hampering the clean up efforts.

Our largest local dam (Wivenhoe) has been considered full since October and I saw recently that it was up at 128% full. This dam is considered to be our safety net in case of flooding in Brisbane so they are releasing water to save space in case the worst happens.

All in all it's wet here and a bit worrying. We are fine at our place (we live on a hill) but there is always the worry of flooded roads and the frustration of having washing that won't dry.

So in all of this what is a primary school boy to do? After anticipating a long, hot Summer of swimming and playing outside he has been left with limited options. So being the genius he so clearly is, he decided yesterday to rug up in his dad's Winter coat and jump in the pool.


Ange said...

So over the rain as well - will it ever stop?! Just have to be thankful that we're not like northern QLD. I love your son's creativity - it gave me a good laugh. Fingers crossed for some sunshine tomorrow.

Bayside Rose said...

What's happened to our summer? Tried to escape the rain and drove down the Coast but NO- it followed us down there!

There's no escaping aaaaargh!!!!Pam x.

Beth said...

I hope Dad didn't like his winter coat too much! I came home from work this afternoon to my little girl out in the rain in her bikini to save her clothes from getting wet. She just wanted to be outdoors and that was her solution! x

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