Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holiday Day Twelve- Back to Cairns

Due to day eleven's camera misfortunes we had to head back into Cairns on day twelve. I really wanted to get my old camera fixed but that just wasn't going to happen in Cairns so I relented and we purchased a newer model of my old camera. I was instantly happy we did as the new camera takes much better photos and has tonnes of extra features.

As Big Boy needed a haircut we then headed off to the Cairns Mall and I played with the camera while I waited.

Here is the fish-eye setting.

It even has a self portrait setting which of course I hate and would never use. Plus it has a beauty setting which instantly takes your photo and makes it better. What more could a girl want?

This one is my favourite- it allows you to take a picture and turn it into a drawing. Very cool and would be awesome to use for colouring in sheets for the kids. I even toyed with the idea of taking pictures of the house and colouring in the walls different colours.

After the hair cut we browsed the mall and had some lunch. Tiny Girl loudly proclaimed 'mummy!' when she passed this sign. Oh. My.

Finally we were on our way again. We had a chance to wave goodbye to Coconut Resort one final time and as we were driving away the kids were quite upset. I then asked Tiny Girl where she lived and she said 'Cairns.'

And then we were off, heading South towards the best experience of our whole trip- Paronella Park.

(I had to include this photo, not for its quality but as a reminder of what happened on the way to Paronella. A cattle truck must have lost a large load of poo on the road and we drove right through it. It was raining and the rain and poo mix was very wet. It sprayed up the motorhome (sorry Maree) and stunk. The kids were sleeping but when we arrived at Paronella Big Boy demanded to know what smelled like poo. Well son that would be ... poo!)


queenbeegymboree said...

Lol about the poo spraying the motorhome! That's gross!

Just Martha said...

How heavenly!!! Well, not the poo bit....

Lorna said...

It sure was Julie and it was A LOT of poo.

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