Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday surprise

I headed out to Big W this morning, sans enfants. As a treat I decided to browse their (less than spectacular) selection of clothes. After a while I noticed there was a man standing off to my side, looking at me.

He approached me and I was internally freaking out. Here's what happened next:

Him: 'Hi'

Me: 'Hi?'

Him: 'Oh don't worry, um, you're not in my way.'

Me: 'OK?'

Him: 'Um, well, I was just wondering whether you were a single lady.'

Me: Stunned mullet face

Me: 'Oh, no, I'm married, but my rings don't fit. And I'm sure there are ... um ....plenty of other single ladies around here.'

Him: 'Oh, I have to go, I'm so embarrassed...'

So he leaves, and I feel pretty damn hot, until I see that he has his shirt on inside out.......


brismod said...

Oh no! How funny!

Bethan said...

Oh, that's so funny. Thank you for giving me a chuckle on a Sunday night. x

Just Martha said...

Oh my! Why was his shirt inside out I wonder?...

Katrina Chambers said...

Bahahha ha aha hahaha!!! Nice to know you have still 'got it'!!!

Jane said...

that is priceless. i will be on the lookout for creepy men as a walk by ladies fashion at BigW, on the way to the photo department!

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