Thursday, June 3, 2010

Garden handiwork

I was browsing through our old pictures and came across this one. It's an old piece of farm equipment that The Gas Man and a neighbour pulled out of a run-down paddock. He then cleverly crafted up this piece of wood to serve as a seat. I call it our bush chair.

It's a lovely thing to have in the garden and I think it's turned out fantastic. It would complete the story nicely to tell you that this neighbour is a now a great friend and we regularly enjoy his company, however that's not the case! The neighbour in question fell out of favour pretty quickly once he invited us to join him on a risqué weekend away he had planned with his wife. The Gas Man learnt a valuable lesson that day- never, ever joke about being swingers because you never know what extra-curricular activities people might really be into!

(Neighbour in question is also from our old house, not this one.)


brismod said...

No way! Hilarious story. So, do you call your garden seat the swinger's chair?

Blondie said...

LOL I'll have to remember that one!

What a great piece of garden art.

Lou said...

I love the idea of calling it The Swinger's Chair, I think you've just renamed it.

Kristine said...

Oh no that is definitely a funny lesson to learn!

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