Wednesday, May 26, 2010

House history

We are so lucky to have been given a few pictures of our house which were taken many years before we owned it. I thought I'd share these two pictures, taken from the same angle around 80 years apart.

House around 1890. Original owner George Fischer and family.

House around 1950? 1960?

I often say that this house draws people to it. As testatment to that, both these pictures have been given to us by lovely people who had family members living here at one point or another. Only recently I was contacted via this blog by another family member, but sadly I haven't heard back from her as yet (hello!) We always welcome visitors and I'm of the belief that although this is 'our' house we are only really taking care of it and loving it for the moment, just as so many families have done in the past.

I hope you enjoyed this step back in time. I hope to add to this collection by taking a picture from the same angle once our work is finished.


brismod said...

Wow. That is fantastic to have photos. So interesting to see how your house has evolved too. I still have to get information about our house - but I don't think I will find very much. But I guess you never know. Thanks for sharing.

Lou said...

I wouldn't discount it though- I'll bet there is some out there. Do you have a local historical society?

Julie-Ann said...

How wonderful to see how it looked in the past- lucky you:)

ani's house said...

Great to have an old photo. We have one of our house too - it really helps you to get the details right!!

Kristine said...

oh wow that is just, WOW... I know our house is somewhere between 1890 and 1910 but NO ONE has photo's :-( Almost every 2nd person it seems has either lived in this house or has known someone who has. Sadly it spent the last 15yrs or so as a rental through fare and was denied love, but I know in the past it had around 60yrs of the same family living in it.

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