Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday ghost story

I'm back to share my latest ghostly tale with you after a busy day celebrating Tiny Girl's 2nd birthday. Hope I didn't keep you waiting ;-)

We've had a few very odd experiences in the house, some of which we just have no explanation for. I will probably share them at a later date but Thursday night's experience tops the lot for eeriness. Around mid-night Thursday Tiny Girl woke up and after a few unsettled minutes started screaming. She was yelling in a way that I haven't heard before and it certainly wasn't a typical pain cry (and mums out there will know that you just KNOW when it's a pain cry.) She yelled so much that I turned the light on but the yelling continued. It continued in our room, in the upstairs lounge, in the downstairs lounge and back upstairs into the study area. She was inconsolable and was grabbing me so tight and wailing for her dad. Eventually he got up and tried to comfort her and once again she gripped on for dear life.

(I'll stop the tale there to let you know that Tiny Girl hates men. Especially any man bold enough to enter our house. She saves the best of the terror for my brother-in-law, which I'm sure makes him feel rotten every time he comes over.)

So back to the story. Picture this- me sitting on the study chair, The Gas Man holding the screaming toddler, most of the lights are out and Tiny Girl starts pointing behind her dad over to a bookcase. Then clear as day she wails 'man!' 'man!' -- Cue silent parental melt down.--

So who's our mystery man? Well we like to call him George. Here's his picture. I'll tell you his story another day.


A-M said...

OMG you can't leave it there.... tell us asap! A-M xx

brismod said...

What??? You have to finish your story. I got a chill reading that...

Lara said...

We want more!! :D

Anonymous said...

I have just stumbled upon your blog via A-Ms & cant believe how excited I am, your house belonged to my grandmothers family. She would be more than happy to fill you in on any questions that you may have about the history of the home & the people that lived there(the kitchen used to be in a seperate building on the property). If you would like to make contact with her e-mail me & we can set something up. She would be really happy to help & she only lives at waterford so this is not out of her way. Cheers Robyn. My e-mail

Kyandra said...

Oh really must tell us more....we can't wait. Have a lovely day Kym X

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