Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mini break

I'm sorry I haven't been around a lot lately. I have a lot happening and I've been very busy.

We've also been away on a short break to Hervey Bay. We love it there but this time around it certainly wasn't the best trip. In fact I have no photos at all- that's how good it was. So I've borrowed some pics from Google to show you what we got up to.

 Here's beautiful Hervey Bay

 We camped and our set up was not even as organised as this one. Did I mention I don't camp?

 It rained all week so we found a French bakery and ate too many of these.

 A highlight of the trip was handfeeding a groper.

 And here's the pier that I was certain Tiny Girl was going to fall off. This sparked the 'great 2011 fishing incident.'

And finally here's what we saw all week. I'm glad to be home.


ani's house said...

It is always nice to get away but nothing beats the feeling of coming home!

simmone said...

I hope you are now enjoying the same gorgeous weather we are-finally!

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