Monday, March 21, 2011

Different views

Much has happened this past few weeks and I thought it was time to share what the house looks like from all angles. Painting is progressing well, carpentry is nearly done, place is fairly tidy, life is good.

Pic 1: View of both floors. Note bottom floor is gray and top is cream. The top will be gray as well.

Pic 2: Left side

Pic 3:  View from the backyard. There will be a set of stairs in the vacant slot (between the poles). Note ladder balancing on the verandah.

Pic 4: Right side yard with soon to be installed black gates

Pic 5: Back yard. Note garden growing nicely

Pic 6: Front yard, garden all nicely trimmed and plants thriving


brismod said...

Yay! It's coming along so well. xx

Life in the Country Lane said...

Love the grey, it looks so fresh. Nice to see the garden coming along too. Cant wait to see more.
Rebecca x

Ange said...

Looking good! Can't wait to see the finished product - a coat of paint makes all the difference. Ange

Jenny said...

Oh great shots, I love the grey. Also are they the gates you were going to sell at one stage? Or is that someone else? I think they will look great in the backyard, a little bit enchanting. ;-)

Lorna said...

Thanks guys.

Yes Jenny we sure were, I just couldn't be bothered to link up the blog post about them. I've been removing the for sale sign from them and Mark finally gave in and agreed we would keep them.

Littlemissairgap said...

Hokey smokes ... check out those gates! They look like the ones Darryl Kerrigan rips off a house in Toorak in the movie The Castle! Did they come with the house? Close up shot please? Impressive!

simmone said...

Really enjoying the progress photos,looks fab.At least you don't have a ladder um,"resting" inside.

queenbeegymboree said...

Looks great! Love the grey, we did our grey too! And your yard looks amazing!

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