Sunday, February 13, 2011


Our hardworking double team of Paul the Painter and Alex the Builder have produced fantastic results over the last week. So far we have seen our kitchen move one huge step closer to completion and it's heaven to look at a fully painted wall instead of a motley arrangement of colour samples.

The cutting in begins

You might remember the debate I was having about choosing to continue our green theme or paint the kitchen white? The final decision was to go with the green and we are very happy we did, it looks wonderful.

Here the wall was beginning to take shape. Notice there is no masking tape? Paul doesn't use it because he is so skilled that he somehow manages to paint exactly to the edges. It's amazing to watch.

 Finally this corner starts to look like it matches up.

And here's the final product. It's just wow, that's the only word I have.

Now for the next important question. What should I use to cover the large sliding door?


ani's house said...

WOW you must be so happy it looks stunning. I remember your post about colour choice and I still stand by my comment that it is so hard to get colour right which is why I love going with a colour. Anyone can do white!! And boy you guys have got it right!! At my old house we had the same question about putting a blind on the big french door. We ended up leaving it blank and didn't worry about people seeing in! Just a thought.

Beth said...

It looks so lovely and the green is just right. No expert on window coverings...but I have just used one of those Ikea cheap sheer type curtains to soften the look of our french doors. It looks Ok and doubles up as a bit of an insect curtain. x

queenbeegymboree said...

Wow, Looks great! Love the color you chose, and love love love your cabinets! I like the window shade too, JEALOUS! Have you seen my orange kitchen?

Just Martha said...

Love the colour. Your timber furniture looks so spectacular especially with the big timber sliding door... Thanks for the peek!!

Ange said...

Love the colour. It really suits the style and colours you have in your kitchen. I also love the blind you have on the window - such a fabulous print. Ange

brismod said...

It's looking so wonderful and the colour seems to go well with your furniture. You must be overjoyed to have it completed!! xx

Littlemissairgap said...

I'd just leave the door as is, but if you do need privacy or need to block out the sun, then perhaps a sheer pull down roller blind.

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