Monday, January 10, 2011

Holiday Day Thirteen- Innisfail

Firstly just to answer a few questions about my post on Paronella Park. Yes the suspension bridge is still there, we didn't walk it though. Yes it actually has been used a movie set (check Wikipedia if you are interested). And yes Julie you should come here and visit us!

OK onto day 13.

After spending the night in the van area at Paronella, we had a planned a second day of exploring and letting the kids have a swim in the water. That all changed when we woke up and saw Big Boy's face looking like this:

Two days prior when we were in Port Douglas we had borrowed some insect repellent from the restaurant we were eating at. I sprayed it on Big Boy's arms, legs and neck. He promptly then rubbed his eye with his arm and I had to wash it out with water. It was red the next day and I noticed it was redder at Paronella but all in all it didn't look too bad.

Fast forward to him waking up with an eye nearly swollen shut and a rash over his face, arms and legs. Due to the swelling being on his face we were very worried about his airway so as soon as we saw him we rushed off to see a doctor. Being that it was only 6am and we didn't have a clue where local doctors were, we decided the hospital was the best option.

We arrived at the hospital (which we only located due to having a GPS) and they agreed it was odd and took him straight in. Of course I couldn't find our Medicare card nor could I explain exactly what medication Big Boy takes for his asthma (the triage nurse made me identify it on a chart in the end.) After watching him for a while they decided it was an allergic reaction (as we thought) and he could go without medicine. The whole process took about an hour so if you want quick emergency service you only have to travel to Innisfail to get it.

Sad, waiting to be seen

After the morning dramas we were all hungry so we headed into town for breakfast. Because Mark loved the hospital so much he decided to order a heart-attack on a plate to make sure he gets to see the inside of a hospital again in the future. Thankfully the rest of the day was better but I'll save that for anther post.

Chips for breakfast!


queenbeegymboree said...

Aww, poor little guy! Glad it didn't hold him up for long! My oldest has had similar reactions... to sunscreen (I have to order Blue Lizard sunscreen from Australia because it is the only one that doesn't react on her), to insect repellant, to glow in the dark pajamas!!! Lol! The list goes on... but it is scary to see, isn't it!

littlemissairgap said...

One of my girls reacts to all sunscreens on her face like that. The only thing she can use is zinc cream. Did you get to Etty Bay or Mourilyan Harbour? That place is strange ... cane fields everywhere then all of a sudden, a gap opening up to a deep, but small harbour.

Lorna said...

You know Julie I have never heard of the Blue Lizard brand. Weird hey. I was exactly like him when I was younger, poor kid got my allergy genes.

No we didn't see either of those places. What a pity- they sound interesting. Oh and yes we quickly purchased zinc after this incident.

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