Tuesday, December 7, 2010

On the road

We've been on the road for two weeks now. Tomorrow marks the start of our final week and we have already started the run for home. I have had no access to the net and am current using someone else's which they kindly left unsecured (naughty I know).

When we get back I will fill you all in on how it went. So far we have had a GREAT time and only one hospital visit :-)

See you in a week or so....

P.S. A-M I am still thinking of you often xxoo


Bethan said...

Looking forward to hearing about the trip, camper van holidays are so much fun. Hope the rain didn't get in the way of your adventures. X

Life in the Country Lane said...

I have just been catching up on your blog. Love the man in Big W story!! Look forward to hearing all about your recent adventures.
Rebecca x

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