Thursday, October 14, 2010

Advice needed

This lamp is what $12 buys you at the local tip shop. I need to work out what kind of shade to put on the top  and I'm willing to buy a shade and cover it myself.

What shape do you think the shade should be? And what colour fabric should I use? (The lamp base is dark brown and it will be staying where it is so it needs to match nicely with the room.)


southies said...

I'd go with a drum shape. The vertical lines of the shade would tie in beautifully with the vertical lines of the stand.
Colour ? What colours do you want in your room ?

Just Martha said...

I agree - drum shape to balance the lamp as it is so tall. The walls look green so could you do a nice modern floral or a plain colour with a bit of an interesting edge to it? Tie in with cushions...

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