Saturday, September 11, 2010

Our View

Our town has a local show each year which we just love. I've been going to it for (oh my goodness!) more than 20 years. The show has a fireworks display each year and we live right behind the show grounds so we have a prime viewing position right here at home.

This year both the kids were scared of the noise so we watched from our bedroom, simply opening the curtains for a look. Something must have changed slightly in the set-up this year because this time we could actually see the fireworks being lit and igniting- that's how close we are.

We took some pictures which don't really show how close we are but worth sharing all the same. So here's the view from our back door- could we be any luckier?

1 comment:

ani's house said...

wow you guys do have a great view. Love the new blog by the way....didn't recognise you at first!!

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