Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Frustrated Friday!

Well yes I know it's not Friday but I'm thinking of making this a regular feature. I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling totally and utterly frustrated with the renovation process. In fact I've been so frustrated that I couldn't even be bothered blogging about ALL THE THINGS THAT NEVER GET DONE AROUND HERE!

Righteo then. Things that I am currently frustrated by:

1. I want the bookcase upstairs so that I can paint the laundry cupboard white and use it in the lounge room. The entire decorating process that I have planned has the movement of this cupboard at the top of its list. Until it gets moved I'm stuck looking at a cupboard that shouldn't be there.

2. I want the rest of the house painted. Which can't happen until the cornice is on. Which can't happen until it is manufactured. Which can't happen until goodness knows when.

3. I want my newly painted bathroom to be joined by a freshly painted bathroom door. This is necessary as someone under the age of 3 decided it would be fun to draw all over the door in permanent marker while I was showering.

There are more frustrations, many more, but this will do for today.

See you on Friday for the next installment.


brismod said...

Oh the joys of renovating an old house! My outlet has been shopping for vintage furniture. It helps...and I feel your pain about little children and permanent markers!

Life in the Country Lane said...

Im with you many things to do and everyone else just isnt fast enough!! Try a little project like painting something small to keep the frustation at bay...or maybe some shopping? Browsing the op shops always helps me.
Rebecca x

Jenny said...

I am right there with you!!!! Just got to breathe through it.... Can no one help you move that book case? ;-)

Anonymous said...

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