Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday's kitchen

I am meant to be putting the sheets back on our bed. I also have a pile of ironing and a dirty floor. So I bargained with myself. I'm allowed to blog once the dinner is on. So the slow cooker is preparing chicken as we speak and I'm getting on with the important work of blogging.

Thought I'd share two images today of my kitchen in its current state. I wanted to take this picture last Friday but  I forgot to insert the memory card in my camera. So you will have to enjoy my roses in their wilting glory. I've started buying myself flowers every shopping day because, let's face it, if I wait to be presented with flowers I'll be waiting forever. So flowers are my newest 'must have' on my weekly shopping list as a simple reward from me, to me. There's nothing nicer than fresh flowers. (Please ignore the kitchen clutter, I told you it's an 'in its current state' day :-)

The second picture is a genius idea I stole from Martha Stewart. There is nothing uglier than a huge bottle of dishwashing liquid on the drainer so i decant mine into a lovely glass jar. Coordinates well with the hand sanitizer too don't you think?

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Julie-Ann said...

Gorgeous pictures. I totally agree about the flowers- I buy my own regularly. I also then get the flowers that I want. I saw Martha suggest that idea too- brilliant idea:)

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